Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

Orang Yang yg baru...

salam semua....
sayang seribu kali sayanglah sy dh x leh pki...boleh buka tp x leh nk update...mcm mn nk buat yek..dia verify kita punya account la...nnt dia sent kt email kita mcm ni...

To initiate the password reset process for your Google Account, click the link below:

If clicking the link above doesn't work, please copy and paste the URL in a
new browser window instead.

If you've received this mail in error, it's likely that another user entered
your email address by mistake while trying to reset a password. If you didn't
initiate the request, you don't need to take any further action and can safely
disregard this email.

Thank you for using Google.

For questions or concerns about your account, please visit the Google Accounts
Help Center at

This is a post-only mailing.  Replies to this message are not monitored
or answered.

mcm mn nk buat sedangkan email sy yg ni email lama...dh x leh buka dah..password pn dh x igt dh...sayang la beb...semua kisah2 lama dlm blog tu...setakat nk tgk leh nk update x leh lor....nk adjust x pndi sebenarnya...paling senang buat blog baru la....mmmmm...memang...sayang seribu kali sayang....

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